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SATELIT-ODYSUR specializes in transporting international multimodal freight. These types of complex transports require perfect organization and precise coordination of the resources used. The reliability and responsiveness of our dedicated transport teams road, sea, air and customs clearance, we can guarantee a high-quality, cost-effective service for our customers, for all their international transactions. As a commission agent, our company will be able to help you advise on the most appropriate means of transport to your type of merchandise.

World in Fast, a transport service express and a network of partners

A network of partners to guarantee your international deliveries. Thanks to our World in Fast service, we are able to handle and deliver international parcels. A team of trained and responsive drivers and a fleet of light vehicles are at your disposal for your various needs. urgent errands. All parcels are tracked and traced. Contact us for further information on our international express delivery services.

Freight forwarder international

Simplify your international exchanges. International freight transport is complex and requires perfect organization and coordination the means used. Our operating teams are responsive and experienced in sea, road and air transport as well as in customs procedures. This ensures high quality service at the best price to our customers. As commission agents, we are also able to advise you on the most appropriate means of achieving your goals in relation to the type of merchandise, in particular hazardous materials.

A customs representative to support you

An authorized customs agent allowing centralized multi-site customs clearance (DCN). Our company is authorized to carry out the following operations customs duties on industrial goods sensitive equipment or even hazardous materials. For many years, we have been the department’s leading independent freight forwarder du Cher. As a customs broker, for example, we manage : – Customs declaration ; – Declaration of exchange of goods ; – Declaration of exchange of services ; – The single administrative document…

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