A company specialized in logistics and transport of your goods

Building and space rental secure storage

Satelit Odysur, features a range of surfaces with a high 12,000 m² of storage capacity in secure perimeters and dedicated to storage. These surfaces can be rented in full or in part, with the aim of freeing you of your bulky stocks. Why outsource? Your activity may lead you to to store a large quantity of products without having to the possibility of controlled handling. That’s why we we have a warehouse and transporters at your disposal to help you offer reliable and efficient inventory and flow management.

Order picking and customized inventory management

Management in line with professional requirements. Based on your instructions, we organize the planning deliveries to optimize your supply flows and we handle the processing and transport of your chain to your customers. Our logistics department ensures traceability of your goods from storage to delivery, thanks to our fleet of transport vehicles. Order preparation, picking, product packaging, palletizing, routing… with the help of our specialist logistics, you can count on a responsiveness recognized by our many customers.

Quality handling of all your goods

Our company is made up of different teams of bridge-layers, handlers, etc. and forklift operators holding CACES 1, 2, 3 and 3A, 4, 5, 9. Responsive and adaptable, they are able to guarantee the highest quality of service. in line with your expectations in the field of logistics management. Do you already own storage facilities? We put a team at your disposal trained professionals and the right equipment to handle your products inside your premises, including Seveso II sites and the storage of hazardous materials.